Kuntaw Philosophy

1. Not to Criticize (Huwag Mag-Pupuna):

To criticize another Martial Art style is unprofessional due to the fact that you are both in the same art or trade. Criticism sometimes leads to undue trouble by words and action in which we unconsciously react.

2. Not to be Conceited (Huwag Maging Mayabang):

Learn not to be conceited. It's very easy to learn bad ways and hard to learn good ways. Learn to be humble. Humbleness blends in with life. In life, there's a lot of good to be learned from others.

3. Be Patient (Maging Mahinahon):

Patience is a virtue to seek and should not be difficult if we work towards achieving it. It is also a capacity to endure without saying something difficult or disagreeable. Often we draw a sudden conclusion in which we regret. Time element is important to build anything and to accomplish the desired goal designed by yourself.

4. Be Kind (Maging Mabait):

Kindness is also a trait which one should learn through unselfish thoughts and deeds. It eliminates many negative feelings.

5. Be Understanding (Maging Maunawain):

Understanding others as well as ourselves is a point of special communication between the magnetism of positive action with positive thought to have the composition of goodness.

6. To Eliminate Temper (Iwasan Maging Mainisin):

To eliminate temper is impossible because it is natural to human nature, but to control this negative attitude is a lesson which we can all learn. Learning to relax relieves the tension which affects the mind and body in daily dealing with life. Our efforts should be made to correct a situation before it arises.

The objective is to keep your mind away from dwelling on things that make your body tense. It may take a little effort, but it's not really difficult and it definitely is worth while. Your mind is an instrument designed to serve you, not to destroy you. When uncontrolled, it can be very damaging, but when controlled it can develop unlimited power.

Anyone can handle his difficulties when he really learns to trust himself. Then he has the secret of success. So keep on believing in yourself. Have confidence and you reap positive expectations. Those who have learned to have a realistic, non-egotistical belief in themselves, are assets to mankind too. "Keep Cool"

Observing temperance or moderation or self control is a virtue, it is very hard to learn, but easy to practice or remember.