IKF KUNTAW GrandMasters

This site endorses the following GrandMasters for IKF Kuntaw Worldwide:

GM Lowell Cothern (Deceased) IKF Kuntaw GGM/GM-01
GM Jonathan Bais IKF Kuntaw GGM/GM-02 
GM Junn Benjie Ortiz IKF Kuntaw GGM/GM-03
GM William Jesse Spence IKF Kuntaw GGM/GM-04
GM Steven Dowd IKF Kuntaw GGM/GM-05
GM Alicia Kossmann Kuntaw Legacy No certificate issued yet
GM Carlito (Junn) G. Lanada, Jr. Kuntaw ng Pilipinas No certificate issued yet
GM Jaime Lanada Kuntaw ng Pilipinas No certificate issued yet

There are no other recognized IKF Kuntaw GrandMasters.

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